Joi Burton, a member of the Rotary Club of North Garland County, Arkansas proves how a small club can make a difference in the world.  Through Rotary, Joi experienced a great love for the country of Kenya, and after her first visit she was invited by a friend to live a few weeks in a village a day’s drive from the Nairobi airport.  Before she left, the Rotary Club of Arlington South gave her $500 to do a project in the village that was comprised of a few houses, several huts, a school and a church – no electricity, no water and was located several miles from the nearest road. 


The day after she arrived she told Moses, the man that accompanied her, that she had a “little bit of money” from her club and asked if there was something they needed.  He told her they needed concrete to replace the floors in the school as the children were getting their uniforms dirty from having to sit on the floor all day.  She and Moses went to the nearest town and purchased gravel, sand, and cement – the villagers then completed the floors in all the rooms. 


The next week, she again told Moses that she had a “little bit of money” and asked if there was anything else they needed.  They needed glass to replace the broken windows in the school.  She and Moses bought large plates of glass and were able to place windows in the entire school.  The following week, she again told Moses that she had a “little bit of money” left – what else do they need?  They then purchased metal paint and brushes to paint the rusted tin roof.  And with a little more of that money left – they were able to make ladders with sticks and rope to paint the roof!  And on the last week that Joi stayed – she still had “a little money left” where they purchased school books and two cases of chalk!  They were completely out of chalk.


This experience built the foundation for other efforts including global grants for wells.  What a difference one small Rotary club can make with a little bit on money.  Thank you.