Foundation Minute for Week of April  1


In Eastern Ukraine, thousands have died and millions have been displaced by the fighting between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military.  Children, many of whom have lost a parent or sibling, are among those affected by the violence, often suffering deep emotional scars.  When the conflict in Ukraine began in early 2014, Rotary members throughout Poland stepped up to help.  Working with Rotary’s Poland-Ukraine Intercountry Committee, (Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and Slovakia.)  Rotarians began an annual two-week camp that allows kids to enjoy games, field trips, and outdoor activities while receiving support from mental health professionals.  It’s a peaceful place where they can begin to heal from the trauma of war.


Children who experience violence can be prone to violent behavior themselves.  This camp shows them a different path.


More than 100 children have attended over the past four years.  At first, some endure sleepless nights or nightmares.  A few withdraw and emotionally shut down. But over the two weeks, many relax, learn coping strategies, build connections to others with similar experiences and, perhaps most important, rediscover how to be kids again. 


Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation enables this to happen.  Thank you.