Since Priscila will talk to us about Argentina, it is time to bring back Jo Ellen's quiz from last July. Don't cheat!! 


 Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

What do YOU know about Argentina?

Our Inbound student for the coming academic year is from

Posada, Argentina. Her name is Priscila Horrisberger and she will turn 18 on October 16 th . She is fairly fluent in English and we still need host families for her.

So, to start everyone thinking about Priscila and to build our base of knowledge regarding all things Argentinian, I

thought we could test our current knowledge base.

See how many of these questions you can answer without benefit of the Internet. No cheating!!!!

What is the capital of Argentina?

Name 3 of the 5 countries that border Argentina

What is the predominate language?

What is the "dance" of Argentina?

What is a gaucho?

Name a famous 20 th century revolutionary born there

What animal do tourists want to see wintering in Argentina?

Argentina is home to the highest peak in the Americas. Name it.

What is their currency?

What islands in the Atlantic do they claim?