Rotary Minute


Global Networking Groups allow individual Rotarians from several countries to join together to focus on common interests. Through these groups, you can


    * Share fellowship and friendship with thousands of Rotarians

    * Meet other Rotarians with a similar hobby or vocational background

    * Collaborate with Rotarians from around the world who are dedicated to a particular area of service


There are two types of Global Networking Groups:

·         Rotary Fellowships

·         Rotarian Action Groups.


Rotary Fellowships


Rotary Fellowships offer Rotarians the opportunity to make friends with others in Rotary who share a common vocation, hobby, or recreational interest. Rotary Fellowships informally began in 1928 when a group of Rotarians with an interest in Esperanto joined together. In 1947 Rotarians organized a group of boating enthusiasts.

These activities gained more attention and operated over the years as World Fellowship Activities, International Vocational Contact Groups, and Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships.

Health and medical-related groups were brought into the program in 2001, resulting in the Rotary Fellowships program.


Read more about Rotary Fellowships in the Rotary Fellowships Handbook. 


Examples: Motorcycling; Recreational Vehicles; Doll Lovers; Home Exchange


Rotarian Action Groups


Rotarian Action Groups conduct international service projects that further the Object of Rotary. If you're interested in supporting a particular type of service activity, there may be a Rotarian Action Group for you. Learn more about Rotary's service opportunities.


Examples: Microcredit; Blindness Prevention; Mine Action


Click here to read more about these opportunities-including how to join!