Thanks to (Ithaca Sunrise) Rotary, a permanent supply of drinkable water is available to Asinge Village, Osukuru Subdistrict, and the Oriyoi elementary school, Uganda. Photos and a series of email communication between Robert Shaka, President of the Tororo Rotary Club and Tom Hranek, Project Leader for the Endwell Rotary Club follow. Well done, Sunrise Rotarians!! We funded half of the cost of the project.
Dear Rotarians,


More finely edited photos of Asinge from Rtn.Fr.Centurio's camera for those with small mailboxes (joke).  Eng.David Kaahwa & Rtn.Oboth Silver with Asinge residents finally witnessing the outcome of a two year planning effort to have the village access clean water.


Rotarians, Rotaractors from Uganda College of Commerce (UCC) and Interactors from Great Aubrey also held one of a series of planned public dialogue meetings with the community to explain stakeholder responsibilities that will help sustain the project in the long term emphasizing community ownership of the water system infrastructure.


There is every likelihood that by close of business next week, the project will go into the commissioning phase at all the 9 points including the Primary School. We very much appreciate the collaborative partnership between the Rotary Club of Tororo and National Water & Sewerage Corporation, Tororo Office that has provided technical guidance and supervision of the project this far and all the other water projects where they have provided immense technical advisories. I also take this opportunity to thank my IPP.Dr.Anthony Mubiru and PP.PHF Otai Charles, Rtn.Peter Omuse for the efforts they made during the conception and development phase of this project.


To all our international partners, we can't thank you enough for the support and warm friendship. As for Tom, thanks for the warm spirit, technical guidance during the contracting process and in driving all the way from New York to come have lunch with us recently when on a small tour of duty in West Falls Church, Virginia.






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Greetings Rotarians and Friends,


The news to-date is wonderful.  Many of you have received the 4 emails sent out late in the night; however, many of your email accounts rejected some or all of the emails because of the size of the pictures.  Sorry, I'll see about reducing the size (and level of resolution) of the pics and resend when I'm able.  Meanwhile, I'm cutting and pasting some email commentary below (without the pictures) to be sure everyone at least gets some up to-date commentary on the Asinge-Osukuru Clean Water Project.


Sincerely in Rotary Service,


Tom Hranek

Dear Rotarians,


6 Kiosks in Asinge are live with water. This may sound like a joke but it's real. I have had a tour of the kiosks in Asinge and had interactions with the families hosting the kiosks and I can't emphasize this enough, the community has started drawing water from the 6 points.

3 kiosks to go and a lot of drainage works and finishing will be done on the critical infrastructure. This could be 2 weeks with in the time frame the contractor had already anticipated is the Project Schedule.


This week on Wednesday, I and a group of Rotarians will be holding a public dialogue meeting with the village community to clarify any information that the community would wish to know.


More pictures coming your way.





Dear Rotarians,

You helped make this possible!  Six of nine water kiosks are in service in Asinge Village!  WOW!  Thank you all.  Without you this "miracle of life-giving water" would not be possible.


I'm literally choked up as I write this.  Work is progressing nicely and appears to be ahead of schedule.  Yes, I'm behind on getting out media releases, but pledge to do so as soon as possible.  There is a beautiful joy in the picture of two women with Robert Shaka (which some of you have seen) as they feel the water pass through their hands.  Two years plus in the preparation and now two-thirds in service.  God bless you all!


Remember, "Water is Life". Thank you all again.


Sincerely in Rotary Service,


Tom Hranek

Primary Contact, Endwell Rotary Club

In the small world department I had the privilege of meeting with Tororo Rotary Club President, Robert Shaka a few weeks back in Falls Church, Virginia (near Washington).


Please help to pass these emails along to your clubs and interested district folks.


My next effort will be to construct a media release showing the involvement of sponsoring clubs and districts.  Suggestions as to content will be welcome.



Tom Hranek

607-785-7486 home/office



PS           A patriotic note for New York voters:               Remember to vote wisely in today's primary elections (Tueday, 9/14)

Here are Rotarian President Robert Shaka's latest comments as of 12:34 AM Eastern Time:


Thanks Tom,??I am equally excited about this progress. I was over joyed yesterday when I made a lone mission into the village without notice to even the contractor.??I was thrilled. I had a discussion over tea with Eng.David Kaahwa about progress and I can confirm we did good preperation on all fronts from documentation to the launch. This project will build great experience for the club as it will be the first of its kind to be rolled out with in scope, time and performance targets.??Thanks for your support and constant feedback on all aspects. We look forward to much more collaboration from your club and other international clubs.??Rtn.Shaka