We have a great opportunity to improve the lives of young people in our community. The Learning Web needs mentors, and -- we can all be mentors! Here's a memo from Sally Schwartzbach, their Associate Director, who spoke at our meeting a week ago:


Become a Learning Web mentor! 

Giving a little time makes a difference that lasts a lifetime.


Currently The Learning Web is looking for exploration tours and/or apprenticeships for the following youth:

  • A 17 year old young man in the 11th grade who loves drawing and has taken a graphic design class at Ithaca High would like to become a graphic designer. He would like to apprentice to someone who could help him learn about the profession of a graphic designer.
  • A 15 year old young man in the 10th grade likes math and science. He hopes to become a chemical engineer or a doctor. He would ideally like to apprentice in the fields of either chemical engineering or medicine but is also very interested in any field related to the sciences.
  • An 11 year old young man who is home-schooled is interested in learning carpentry. He has already learned blacksmithing and owns his own forge. He has drawn up plans to build a loft bed and would like to apprentice to a carpenter in order to learn the skills needed to make his loft bed become a reality. He would need to use hand tools as he is too young to legally use power tools.  

There are 2 ways to be of assistance to these young people  -


1) Host an interactive tour:


Individual or small groups of young people explore their interests by visiting your workplace with their Learning Web Coordinator. They meet and talk with you as you work. Young people get a first hand look into your workplace, and have a chance to ask you, the expert, their questions:

What kind of training do I need to become a....?

What is a typical day at work like?

What's the best/worst part of your job?

How much money can I make in this line of work?  

2) Host a motivated apprentice at your work place:


You become a mentor by volunteering your time, sharing your expertise, your enthusiasm, and your work world with a young person, your apprentice. 


Youth apprentices gain hands-on training and experience at your workplace. You and your apprentice decide how much time to commit to the apprenticeship each week and how long you want to be involved. 


Our services are free--to the apprentice and mentor. Apprentices help with their mentor's work in exchange for the time and energy the mentor spends with them. There is no exchange of money.  


For more information, call The Learning Web at 275-0122 or visit our website at www.learning-web.org

We all have community in common. . . our community is our classroom.

What do you teach?



Sally Schwartzbach

Associate Director

The Learning Web


515 West Seneca Street

Ithaca, N.Y. 14850



The Learning Web has a proven track record and it will be easy for us Sunrisers to plug into their program. Please contact Roger Beck for application forms, or they can be downloaded from their website.