In 2017, the majority of The Rotary Foundation’s global grants were awarded to clubs and districts outside the United States; however many of our US districts have recognized immediate needs within our own country.  Working within the grant process:


1.     A health service center was created in Salinas, California to assist homeless residents in their community and helped them obtain references to healthcare professionals.

2.    In Greensboro Alabama, Rotary provided financial literacy and small business development trainings for at risk youth.

3.    Rotary provided a social and job skill training program targeting unemployed and underemployed residents of West Coconut Grove, a Bahamian founded community in Miami, Florida.

4.    It equipped a mobile vision unit to serve patients in a region of rural Appalachia.

5.    And in UpState New York, it developed a grant to address the severe epidemic of opioid/heroin abuse.


Your generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation enabled this to happen!