The Rotary Club of Leogane, Haiti, brought electricity to the Respire Haiti Christian School in Gressier – and with it, education for children and adults.  The school serves 500 orphans, disadvantaged children, and restavecs(child domestic servants).  For a long time, its six buildings had no electrical power, forcing teachers to rely on the sun as their primary light source and preventing the school from offering evening classes to address the community’s high adult illiteracy rate.


Using funds from a Rotary global grant, the Leogane club and its international partner, the Rotary Club of Parker, Colorado, installed a hybrid energy system, featuring locally sourced solar panels, to power lights, computers, and even the school’s water pump. Teachers received training in adult literacy instruction so the school could offer evening reading and writing classes in Creole and French.  Now both young students and adult learners are receiving the education they deserve. 


Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation enables this to happen.  Thank you for your support.  

                                                (Annual Report – 2016-17)