As of April, 2019, nine cases of polio have been reported in the world specifically within the endemic countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan.    Polio continues to spread in these countries due to the unchecked borders where movement of people threatens efforts to eradicate the disease.


The numbers of those affected have decreased dramatically since 2014, however polio is still found in the country.  In response to that, the government of Pakistan has increased the number of manned permanent transit posts across the Pakistan/Afghanistan border where children can be vaccinated against the virus.  Conflict, political insecurity and remoteness of areas, combined with a highly mobile population and logistical challenges are significant obstacles to Pakistan’s effort to eradicate polio.  


The difficult geographical terrain in Afghanistan has been responsible for polio outbreaks.  Areas of the country, which are home to nomads, seasonal and economic migrants and agricultural laborer families, make it hard for immunization teams to reach them.   


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