In 2011 Hong Kong native Spencer Leung applied and was accepted for a three-month Rotary Peace Fellow program for professionals in agriculture. His dream was to launch an organic seed operation in Thailand.  He believed that demand for organic food would continue to expand, and he wanted to do something good.  He states, “The more I looked in to it the more I believed organic agriculture could be a powerful peace building platform.  So he established Go Organics.


Go Organics aims to improve productivity and sustainability for farmers who cultivate less than five acres of crops, based on the belief that creating economic stability for small farmers will help cultivate peace.  It works to improve the marketplace for these farmers and to provide simple and cost-effective technologies that helps improve operations.   It offers farmers through microfinancing an affordable cold storage unit that will keep crops fresh up to ten days longer thus opening market opportunities.  Go Organics also guarantees the sale of a certain amount of their produce.  It introduced technologies to dry produce properly, to package them safely and to prevent the growth of mold. 


The mission of Go Organics is to channel the work to those who are in need and to bring these people into the workforce.  Small farms produce around 80% of the world’s food and make up 90% of the world’s 570 million farms.  Leung says, “If we can raise their standard of living – its sustainability – we’re going to make a lot of changes the whole world – it’s going to be amazing.”


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