In August 2016, Nigeria reported its first polio cases in two years.  They occurred in Borno
State, where ongoing conflict had prevented health workers from reaching some children.


Working with the nation’s government and Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners, Nigerian Rotarians traveled from across the country to join the emergency response team, which immunized one million children in the weeks after the outbreak. By December, an additional 60 million children had been immunized.  


Resolve in Nigeria remains strong.  “Polio eradication is about national pride and honor,” said Nigerian Health Minister Isaac Adewole.  “ We will not let our citizens or the world down.”


This year there hasn’t been a single polio case in Nigeria.  However ,6 cases have been reported in Afghanistan, 3 in the Congo and 1 in Pakistan.  


Over 400 million children are immunized against this dreaded disease every year and 16 million people are walking today who otherwise would have been paralyzed.


Your continued support towards polio eradication enables this to happen.  Thank you.  

                                                (Annual Report 2016-17)