Posted by Lana Rouff on Apr 11, 2018

In Brazil's Riberia Valley, a neonatal intensive care unit faced a problem.  It didn't have nearly enough equipment.  With only seven incubators, the unit at the state-run Dr. Leopoldo Bevilacqua Regional Hospital filled up quickly.  Newborns often would be transferred to another facility - a harrowing journey that the tiny, fragile patients sometimes didn't survive.  This factor contributed to the hospital's high mortality rate.


The Rotary Club of Registro, Sao Paulo, stepped in to help, partnering with the Rotary Club of Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan, on a global grant.  They raised funds to purchase equipment, including incubators, cribs, ventilators, and monitors, and launched a publicity campaign about the importance of prenatal care and breastfeeding.  The clubs also provided training for at-risk pregnant adolescents and education on maternal-infant health.


The new equipment doubled the capacity of the unit, which now provides care t o220 of the community's newest and tiniest residents each year.


Your continued support of The Rotary Foundation enabled this to happen.  Thank you.

                                (Annual Report 2016-17)