Last week we talked about various projects that were accomplished through Rotary’s global grants in the USA.  Here are a few more:


1.     Dental Equipment and oral healthcare services were provided by Rotarians to low-income residents in Ventura, Cty, California.

2.    In Pittsburgh, PA and Richmond, California, Rotary provided free longitudinal care for 75 patients at two Rotacare Free medical clinics.

3.    It provided a baseball clinic with a focus on teamwork and anti-bullying among youngsters ages 7-16 in Yonkers, New York.

4.    It developed and implemented a school based dental model within two schools in Cabell County, West Virginia.

5.    And it created a “Kids Club Literary Project” to promote age/grade level reading for children living in Loveland Housing Authority apartments in Loveland, Colorado. 


These projects had a budget of over $30,000 and were initiated by clubs and districts within the United States with financial support from countries outside the US. Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation enabled this to happen.  Thank you.