The Rotary Foundation exists to help Rotarians “repair” the world when things go wrong … and since things go wrong a lot, we’re very busy! If we’re going to repair the world we’ll need some tools and a toolbox.
It is the programs we participate in and the projects we complete through The Rotary Foundation that are the tools in our Rotary tool box. We have the tools, but we need to keep up with the ever increasing need for more of them and that is where the financial support of the Rotary Foundation comes into play. 
We must support the Annual Fund of our Foundation. Each of us holds Rotary in a special place in our minds and our hearts. We have the opportunity every day to decide how we—each and every one of us—will use Rotary’s tools to make the world a better place.
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                                    From:  Rotarian Barb Feder