Speaker Date Topic
Our Sponsored Boy Scout Troop Apr 04, 2019
Winter Camporee
Susan Holland Apr 11, 2019
Historic Ithaca
An inspiring TED Talk video... Apr 18, 2019
...that can be applied to many if not all aspects of Rotary...

This video was offered as a supplement to the 2019 RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) graduate course titled "Motivating Volunteers" and fit in quite well with the planned curriculum and class discussion. 

The video will be screened in conjunction with a very brief and simple self-awareness exercise regarding our own reason(s) for joining Rotary that we may wish to share with prospective members. Learn how to start with a passionate and effective impact statement.

Greg Potter Apr 25, 2019
Tompkins County Government = Information Technology

Greg is the Director of the County's IT department and is responsible for all in-house computer programs used by Tompkins County